45th Mini-Triathlon

The new swim start under the Brigittenauer bridge and the new changing zone at the platform near the train bridge as proposed by Norbie was well accepted by all participants: more space, safer changes !
Please check out the impressive video produced by the Verhofstadt brothers using Blaise_s camera.

41st Mini-Triathlon

This is becoming a family event: Norbie brought his children, Finn and Stephen their sons, Michael brought his brother, Farzi sent her husband, sons and brother-in-law. Guiseppe's wife and Patrick's family were watching.

40th Mini-Triathlon

Jesse improved Alfred_s course record by more than 2 minutes and Chris_ time was faster than the old CR, too , but Alfred himself impressed by having a successful comeback after his severe injury.
A big thank you to the timers Beate, Emil & Yasunori who must have had a tough time but managed to provide accurate data.