21st Mini-Triathlon

While our usual guests Michael, Martin & Wolfgang dominated the competition as expected (all with PRs), we could once more watch a good race by both veterans Michio, Patrick and Skip, and newcomers Rob, Terence and Chris. As promised, Udo improved his July time by almost 4 minutes. The ladies Wilma and Gerlinde did part of the triathlon.

RunnerOrgGenderTimePaceCup points
1Wilma KAPFERF-25
3Michael GLATZELM1:49:42INF:00
4Martin BRANDLM1:54:54INF:00
5Wolfgang SCHUSCHAM1:54:55INF:00
6Udo FELDMANNM2:04:45INF:0025
7Robin KEITHM2:08:59INF:0022
8Terence O'HAREM2:17:34INF:0020
9Michio HOSOYAM2:19:06INF:0018
10Patrick SERAMYM2:40:27INF:0016
11Chris WALKERM2:42:23INF:0015
12Skip LUKENM2:42:38INF:0014