Autumn Mile (Mile No. 75)

In today's historic mile race, we saw a VR (VIC record for staff members) by newcomer Matthew, a CR (course record = best time including those of guests) by Beate and many PRs (personal records). The previous VR for men (4:46) was held by Christian CHABERT for almost 20 years, CR is 4:31 run by Hasan TARIQ in 1986. The previous best for ladies (5:53) set up by Liz ROEHRIG had held for more than 15 years.

RunnerOrgGenderTimePaceCup points
1Matthew MURRAYM4:432:5625
3Abdeljalil FATHIM5:233:2120
4Gregor MALICHM5:283:2518
5Bernd SCHURRM5:373:3016
6Frank GRAEBERM5:463:3614
7Anil KUMARM5:463:3615
8Beate EYSINGERF5:473:3625
9Gerald DEMEULESM5:543:4113
10Philip WELLERM6:013:4512
11Graeme HOODM6:103:5111
12Andrea REISMANNF6:183:5622
13Andreas SCHRÖDERM6:294:0310
14Thomas HOFFMANNM6:444:129
15Maria-Elena BARRIONUEVOF6:484:1520
16Emil WANDZILAKM6:534:188
17Adi CHVOJKAM6:544:187
18Teresia NGUURIF7:224:3618
19Wilma KAPFERF7:484:5216
20Carla PIRESF7:574:5815
21Maria-Julia BARRIONUEVOF7:584:5814
22Muki JERNELÖVF8:255:1513
23Melitta BOROVANSKY-KÖNIGF8:535:3312