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Sep Time Trial (5k No. 25)

Before the event was started, we kept a minute of silence for two of our fellow-runners:
Ed Johnson died on 7th September unexpectedly of heart failure. He had been working for UNIDO and was one of the early members of the club.
Steve Edminster passed away peacefully on 9th September after longer illness. He has been the club's president for many years, and when he retired from that function he became our honorary president.
Ed and Steve: we will miss you.

36th Mini-Triathlon

After our usual starting place on the east bank of the Neue Donau had been converted into a "family beach", we had to find a new one which is a swimming platform on the west bank. The distance of the swimming course was therefore, however, at least 100m shorter. That is why today's triathlon will not be considered for PRs and records - sorry, Matteo.
For the next triathlon we will adjust the swimming part to match the usual distance.

8th VIC Games (10k No. 241)

Unbelievable PRs - improvements by 6 minutes (Bettina, Francesco) and even 11 minutes (Margaret) !
The printout with the results was blown away after the race, but thank goodness the timers were able to find it in the bushes.
Thanks to all who helped with timing and prize-giving !