41st Mini-Triathlon

This is becoming a family event: Norbie brought his children, Finn and Stephen their sons, Michael brought his brother, Farzi sent her husband, sons and brother-in-law. Guiseppe's wife and Patrick's family were watching.

40th Mini-Triathlon

Jesse improved Alfred_s course record by more than 2 minutes and Chris_ time was faster than the old CR, too , but Alfred himself impressed by having a successful comeback after his severe injury.
A big thank you to the timers Beate, Emil & Yasunori who must have had a tough time but managed to provide accurate data.

36th Mini-Triathlon

After our usual starting place on the east bank of the Neue Donau had been converted into a "family beach", we had to find a new one which is a swimming platform on the west bank. The distance of the swimming course was therefore, however, at least 100m shorter. That is why today's triathlon will not be considered for PRs and records - sorry, Matteo.
For the next triathlon we will adjust the swimming part to match the usual distance.

34th Mini-Triathlon

Just in time the red flag has been removed after the big flood to allow a proper triathlon.
The comebacks of the year: Frannie joins again after more than 7 years, Patrick after more than 6 years - good to see both of you again !
Julia improves her PR by more than 8 minutes.